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Business Consulting Services

Business consultants evaluate the status of a firm, identify problem areas, and help in designing the right solutions.

We provide owner support to micro and small business enterprises to start, excel, and grow. Our business consultants and digital agents help prioritize work on the five challenges that are the same for all companies:

  • Creating an attractive business concept
  • Building a strong organization
  • Establishing lasting customer relations
  • Maintaining profitable operations
  • Developing an integrated digital strategy

Reasons why business owners seek Micro Solo support:

problem solving


At the beginning of forming a business enterprise, many assumptions are made. Eliminate the guessing game and learning curves, execute with experience from the beginning.

Our Solution: Consulting services that enable our clients and investors to work with business consultants at a time when key foundational business structures are being formed, with the intent of strengthening the business from the start. When fewer assumptions are made for the business, decision making gets more informed, and efficiencies are increased. Our clients gain a competitive edge by informed understanding of the business in the early stages of forming a venture.

business people


What will the estimated cost of the ongoing administration for your business entail? Most people only consider the cost of forming a business, but an important question to consider is the cost of running a business long-term. The phrase “time is money” can be called to mind here. Administrative duties require much of the owner’s time, which in turn creates additional costs for the company and in some cases missed opportunity!

Our Solution: Gain access to expertise and knowledge immediately as a business start-up and entrepreneur. Flexible relationships, work with consultants only as needed, desired, or economical. New ventures and existing small businesses can benefit by having consultants work at an agreed hourly rate and set of hours on specific problems and challenges. This frees the client up to focus on other vital elements of the business enterprise.



Many business owners make the mistake of trying to do too much on their own, believing they need to be heavily involved in every aspect of their ventures. When you think about outsourcing work in your business, it is helpful to think about tasks in two different categories:

Things you do not know how to do and/or do not do well, and

Things that you could do but you do not have time for.

Our Solution: Outsourcing elements of the business operation is a great way to free up time for work that only you can do and enlist the help of experts. Along the way, we’ll help our customers figure out their strengths and develop those abilities. Finding your strengths and outsourcing the rest makes everything move a lot faster. When you get the right people in the right roles the results can be truly rewarding.

daily tasks


Smaller businesses with fewer employees need access to higher levels of expertise than would be feasible to retain in-house. Given that many micro and small-sized enterprises are inadequately staffed, many areas of the business operation are poorly attended to.

Our Solution: Business consultants represent a specific set of skills, companies and organizations cannot necessarily afford to hire as employees or full-time. Our consulting services are designed to help our clients efficiently manage people, processes, and technology so that they can focus on their unique core strengths to benefit both our clients and their customers. The benefit of expert help through consulting services, while reducing employment costs is overcoming specific problems without taking risks with employees.

digital marketing


Time is a precious commodity: you can either use it to run your business or you can use it to work with paying customers. Our digital consultants will join owners early in the design of the business model to create systems to free up your time and attention for more important tasks.

Our Solution: Digital agency services help businesses, especially those selling online, with the complex web of options available. This ensures proper internet-based strategies and technology decisions are made and implemented for your company. We’ll show our clients how to use automation to reduce the time they spend on administrative work.

By providing your company with digital agent support you’ll be better able to manage your firm’s online reputation and online conversation as it happens. Digital agencies like ours can manage social media, online reviews and improve visibility. We’ll work with our clients to help systematize and tech-enable their digital operation for maximum efficiency.


Benefits of Services

To maximize the productivity and effectiveness of any business, be it a new organization or an established company, it is essential to have access to the right information, knowledge, and help. Business consulting services can be used by both small team founders/owners and solopreneur to help prosper even during a weak economic environment. To remain competitive and profitable requires a lot more than just being able to establish a budget. By using an outside consultancy, advice can be given addressing specific areas of the business through expertise.


To maximize the productivity and effectiveness of any business, be it a new organization or an established company, it is essential to have access to the right information, knowledge, and help.

Remaining competitive and profitable requires a lot more than just being able to establish a budget. By using an outside consultancy, advice can be given addressing specific areas of the business. Micro Solo can give a fresh perspective on the business through evaluation and can even assist in helping clients get ahead of competitors and help stay on track even during a weak economic environment.

Through consultation, clients become more efficient and streamlined. Business owners look to Micro Solo to help with some of the following business challenges:

  • Increasing revenue and creating steady profits
  • Expanding market reach and finding new customers
  • Crafting a cohesive action plan for growing the business
  • Boosting clarity about the business’s vision and big projects
  • Creating sustainable motivation and accountability


MicroSolo will begin with defining client business ideas and plans, and we’ll discuss big picture goals, the business model design, and the client’s action plan to get there. We’ll also talk about how to use time effectively so owners can stop juggling too many tasks and feeling overwhelmed. Our small business consultants, we come to the partnership as an experienced co-pilot.

Along with microenterprise consulting services, Micro Solo functions as a marketing agency, a technology provider, and an internet-based telecommunications company. Whether it be in small business marketing, digital transformation, web design, strategy planning, or growing a business, our firm will help build new skills and approaches, like better systems for your business or better digital and cloud-based marketing techniques.


What’s common among all of our clients is the desire to grow the business in focused ways, getting the most out of the limited time, money, and expertise they have available.

Our clients fall into three categories of owner support:

Start-ups: The first type of “founder-owner” client in the start-up phase of a new business but needs business model validation and focused-area attention.

Early Growth: The second type of “overwhelmed owner” client is one who already has a business and wants to grow it or expand into new areas.

Targeted Solutions: The third type of “inadequately staffed” client needs targeted solutions, but isn’t sure yet which one (or which combination) will work best for them or be the best fit.

Our Process

Get Started – It’s Free
number one


Checkout your very own Snapshot report. We will give you an in-depth overview of how you stack up to your competition in your industry. The Local Business Online Toolkit (Business App) includes a set of free digital marketing, e-commerce, and online communication tools to get you started.

number 2


Schedule a free 20-minute business and marketing consultation to talk about your challenges and realities. We’ll listen to assess your current situation, gain an understanding of your business goals, and identify the ways MIcro Solo can help you grow your reach, convert leads to sales, and expand your business.
number 3


Our business consultant-led approach to screening can help focus on the right topics in three different ways; address the pain points, assess progress in different areas,  and map opportunities. The screenings are a starting point for a conversation about the business or the business idea. A discussion which will end with a conclusion on where to first make decisions and take action to move the business forward.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Micro Solo builds effective digital marketing strategies to ensure your business attracts potential customers and increases sales.

Website Creation

Invest in a powerful website to make your mark online.

Learn more

Our web developers work closely with you to create custom websites that reflect your brand’s aesthetics.

Social Media Marketing

Expand your consumer base through social media.

Learn more
Create engaging content and digital advertisements that will make your customer base your brand ambassadors.

Reputation Management

Build brand loyalty and trust online.

Learn more
Engage with your digital client base in a way that makes them feel seen, heard, and valued.

Listings Management

Verify and correct business data across major listing sites.

Learn more

Our web developers work closely with you to create custom websites that reflect your brand’s aesthetics.

Search Engine Optimization

Expand your reach and drive organic traffic to increase sales.

Learn more
Improve lead generation and brand awareness with creative content that engages, inspires, and attracts new audiences.

Customer Voice

Easily gather reviews to grow business

Learn more
More reviews equal more traffic through the doors! With Customer Voice, you can gather authentic reviews via email or text on the sites that matter most, to grow customer loyalty and boost sales.

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